Visa For Yaatra

There is limited quota to perform yatra for yatrees holding Indian passport whereas there is no quota system for other nationalities – there is quota enhancement discussion in progress between Pak and India and hopefully there would be soon some positive decisions in this regard.


Please note that below given hotels are subject to availability – however any change would be on equivalent basis.

Security Concern

This is a common and prime concern of tourists or yatrees who are to travel in Pakistan or even somewhere else in the world. As a matter of fact terrorism is a global phenomenon and may happen even in highly organized countries of the world whereas Pakistan has gone through its worst time of terrorism over the last decade.

Pakistani Gurdwara's

The statistics show that there were nearly 170 Gurdwaras in Pakistan but unfortunately the partition of India changed the landscape of Sub-Continent and naturally the natural existence of Sikh Religion in today’s Pakistan is affected. The most of Gurwaras are located in Lahore and as second place comes Gujranwala whereas Sialkot was the third most populated area for Gurdwaras in this part of world.

Sikh Heritage

Pakistan is proud to be cradle of Sikh heritage. After Mughals downfall in Indian sub-continent the Sikhs took over India and ruled here for about more than two decades and during their era there were lot of new additions into the Indian history which are quite visible if we concentrate a little on it. There are endless monuments, havelis, forts and Gurdwaras which are now part of the major landmarks of Pakistan.

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